Volkl V-Sense V1 MPs 网球拍

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Volkl V-Sense V1 MPs 网球拍 参数:

拍面大小(in²) 102
拍长(inch) 27
挥重 301
平衡 3 点头轻
穿线重量(g) 308
硬度 67
拍框厚度(mm) 25
材料 Graphite/C3 Material
力量 低-中
挥拍 中-快
拍柄 Volkl V-Sense Grip
穿线方式 16*19
穿线磅数 50-60
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Volkl V-Sense V1 MPs 网球拍 英文介绍

With its outstanding playability and arm-friendly comfort, Volkl's V1 MP has stood the test of time. Call it a Holy Grail for intermediate players looking for ease of use. It should also work well for the beginner who wants a racquet that will reward continued improvement. The latest version of this racquet is called the V-Sense V1 MP and it replaces the Super G version. Weighing 10.6 ounces and boasting a low swingweight, the V1 MP swings very fast, making it easier for you to generate spin. The 102 square inch head manages to feel forgiving without sacrificing the crisp and connected feel so crucial to control. Volkl gives this stick a Precise Power Beam, which features a slightly less rounded profile for a more classic Volkl feel. The layup has been reinvigorated with C3 Material, a uniquely strong tri-carbon matrix that enables a more strategic calibration of stiffness across the frame. From the baseline V1 MP has almost no learning curve. With its open 16x19 string pattern and whippy feel, spin comes very easy. Comfort is high thanks in part to the VSENSOR Handle, which makes for a smooth and well dampened ride. With its light weight, we think it plays best with a multifilament or a soft co-poly. At net the V1 MP moves with mindless ease, making it great on reaction volleys or quick put-aways. As with previous generations, this light racquet offers speed and ease of use rather than the outright stability of a traditional player's racquet. The fast feel also comes in handy on service returns where this one comes around fast to deliver easy placement. With some impressive tweaks to the beam and layup, Volkl keeps a very good thing going. The V1 MP continues its reign as one of the most user-friendly intermediate racquets available.

Volkl V-Sense V1 MPs 网球拍 中文介绍

凭借出色的可玩性和手臂友好的舒适性,Volkl的v1 MP经受住了时间的考验。称之为一个圣杯为中级玩家寻找易用性。它也应该对初学者谁想要一个网拍,将奖励持续改进的工作良好。这个网拍的最新版本叫做v-sense v1 mp,它取代了super g版本。v1-mp的重量为10.6盎司,拥有较低的摆幅,摆动速度非常快,使您更容易产生旋转。102平方英寸的头部能够让人感觉到宽容,同时又不牺牲对控制至关重要的清爽和连贯感。Volkl为这款木棒提供了一个精确的动力梁,其特征是稍微不太圆的外形,给人一种更经典的Volkl感觉。叠层重新注入了C3材料,这是一种独特的强大的三碳基体,能够对整个框架的刚度进行更具战略性的校准。从基线v1 MP几乎没有学习曲线。其开放的16x19字符串模式和轻快的感觉,旋转来非常容易。舒适度很高,部分原因是由于VSensor手柄,使平稳和良好的阻尼乘坐。由于其重量轻,我们认为它最适合与复丝或软性共聚酯。在网前,v1 mp动作轻松自如,在反应截击或快速脱手时表现出色。与前几代一样,这种轻型网拍提供了速度和易用性,而不是传统玩家网拍的完全稳定性。快速的感觉在服务返回时也很有用,在服务返回时,这种感觉会很快出现,以提供容易的放置。随着一些令人印象深刻的调整梁和上篮,沃尔克保持了一个非常好的事情进行。v1 mp继续其统治地位,作为最用户友好的中间球拍可用。

Volkl V-Sense V1 MPs 网球拍 暂无球星使用

Volkl V-Sense V1 MPs 网球拍 评测:

总分 80
底线 87
截击 77
发球 84
接发 82
力量 79
舒适 87
手感 78
上旋 81
切削 82

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