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拍面大小(in²) 99
拍长(inch) 27
挥重 295
平衡 3 点头轻
穿线重量(g) 303
硬度 72
拍框厚度(mm) 22
材料 Graphite
力量 低-中
挥拍 中-快
拍柄 Wilson Sublime
穿线方式 16*18
穿线磅数 50-60
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With the Blade Team, Wilson delivers a speedy performance frame with impressive spin-potential and controllable power. At 10.4 ounces strung, this racquet is not only suitable to intermediate level players, but it should also work for the dedicated beginner who wants a great tool for learning the game. The attractive price makes the Blade Team great for those who don't have a strong racquet preference yet, but who want something with solid all-around playability and a small learning curve. With its 99in² head, the Blade Team will give you the needed precision to attack the ball, and there's plenty of power thanks to how easily this racquet accelerates. From the baseline, the feel is crisp, lively and accurate. The light weight makes it great for scrambling on defense or executing shots on the run. The Blade Team also packs an open 16x18 string pattern, making it extremely spin-friendly. At net and on service returns, this racquet's quick handling will not only help you react faster, but you'll also find it easier to spring into action when opportunity knocks. There's also enough precision to swing for power on serve. Ultimately, with its fast feel and impressive all-around playability, the Blade Team is a solid choice for those who want a user-friendly performance racquet. The bargain price is a nice bonus.

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