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拍面大小(in²) 110
拍长(inch) 28
挥重 284
平衡 2 点头重
穿线重量(g) 320
硬度 73
拍框厚度(mm) 28
材料 Carbon Fiber
力量 中-高
挥拍 慢-中
拍柄 Wilson Sublime
穿线方式 16*18
穿线磅数 50-60
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Wilson XP1 网球拍 英文介绍

Introducing a powerful racquet with a comfortably crisp feel. It's called the XP1 and it gives beginner and intermediate players an easier path to pace and spin. It should also work well for the savvy senior looking to dominate the doubles court. At only 10 ounces strung and boasting a very maneuverable swingweight, the XP1 accelerates through contact with remarkable ease. The extended 27.5" length translates into more momentum, giving your shots a little extra string. The generous 110in² head size provides a nice margin of error, ensuring that power and comfort remain high even when contact is less than perfect. This racquet also comes with Wilson's Power Profile Frame Geometry, which is not only contoured for faster swing speeds but also features a "V" shape at the throat to increase the power of the string bed. To further enhance power Wilson builds this model with a very firm Carbon Fiber Layup, resulting in greater energy return to the ball. From the baseline the XP1 rewards compact and medium length strokes with easy depth. There's also some blistering pace available to those who swing this racquet fast. The high spin potential will help you control the power with spin. At net, this racquet's luxurious hitting surface provides a large and stable platform for executing clean volleys. The light weight makes it easier to pounce when opportunity knocks. Finally, the extended length makes this racquet dangerous on serves. Wilson has succeeded in creating a light and powerful oversize racquet with impressive spin and precision. A must demo for players interested in supercharging their game.

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